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All of Lash Legend® Prep Solutions are formulated in our state of the art lash lab and are rigorously tested to ensure we produce safe products that provide quality results. Prep Solutions are essential for optimizing clients retention. What prep solution you decide to use can make or break your retention results.

Lash Legend® Prep Trio offers 3 different solutions to offer your clients. 

Soothe, Boost and Rejuvenate provide different nourishing properties to reflect your clients needs. 30ml easy to use pump bottles

Soothe is great for clients with sensitive skin or eyes. 

Boost can help restore clients natural eyelashes whether they are frail or damage it stimulates follicle growth. 

Rejuvenate contains anti-aging properties that help stimulate proliferation of new cells - keeping those eyes bright and healthy.

Products should be stored in a cool and dry environment for as long as 6 months unopened. You can also store the product in the fridge for 2 years when unopened. When the product is opened you should use it within 3 months.


The ideal humidity range for Prep is between 20-70% and the temperature should be room temperature. Make sure to shake Prep for 20 seconds before each use.


ALWAYS dab off excess solution on a tissue or towel before applying to clients lashes. 


  • Crystallized Fans®
  • Individual Lashes 
  • One + Only Adhesives 

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