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Straight from our state-of-the-art lash lab, we've crafted a clear, low-fume, lash adhesive with 0.5-second dry time - the fastest on the market. Great for clients who are prone to allergies and or reactions. Formulated without carbon black pigment found in most adhesives. 
Instantaneous 0.5-second dry time

  • Up to 8-week hold
  • Shatterproof glass-like finish
  • Thin viscosity
  • Clear in colour
  • Low Fumes
  • RH 25-65%


  • Store adhesive at room temperature (21 degrees)
  • Discard bottle 30 days after opening
  • Keep away from heat sources
  • Can not touch the skin
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed
  • Store upright in a dry environment away from sunlight
  • 6 month shelf life unopened and properly stored

How to use:

  • Use pin provided to puncture the nozzle
  • Shake adhesive for 60 seconds
  • Place adhesive on the lash tile
  • The adhesive should always be kept 0.5 mm away from lash line, never touching the skin.
  • Isolate natural lash before dipping lash extension in adhesive
  • The first point of contact must be directly on the natural lash
  • Apply pressure when lashing

Best paired with: 

  • LL Prep
  • LL Cure

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