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Cure (Superbonder)

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The Cure is lovingly made in our state-of-the-art Lash Lab, to optimize lash retention and create flexibility without shock cure. In a 3ml bottle so there is no wastage of product.

  • Minimizes irritation and sensitivities
  • Works well with all glues
  • Hydrates the natural lash
  • Keeps wide and consistent fans when you crystallize your own lashes
  • Prevents debonding through a chemical reaction that initiates a SUPER BOND. This means your client's retention is going to be out of this world
  • Guess what? No 24 hour wait period for getting your lashes wet
  • Strong anti-microbial and antiviral properties
  • Decreases viscosity
  • Initiates collagen production and rehabilitates follicle damage without jeopardizing the natural lash
  • Comes in a droplet bottle, only a drop is required per client. Will last you for 30-40 clients.

  • Store adhesive at room temperature (21 degrees)
  • Keep away from heat sources
  • Discard bottle 60 days after opening
  • Can not touch the skin or eyes
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed in a cool, dry well-ventilated area, away from sunlight
  • 6-month shelf life


    How to use: 

      • Dip LL Crystallized Fans® in One or Only adhesive
      • Use the LL Framing Technique to maximize isolation and retention
      • Add droplet to the lash tile, then dip micro-swab into the cure
      • It can be used to cure Individual or Flat lashes and Crystallized Fans® after application.

    Best paired with: 

      • LL Prep
      • LL One or Only Adhesive

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