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Build your box with Crystallized Fans®

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Choose your desired 6 options to go in your Lash Legend® box totaling ~ 1500 Fans. Mix and match curls, lengths, and diameter. HOW FUN! 

After years of handmaking beautiful fans to perfection, LL began to recognize the demand for quick and quality services. LL Professional Lash Crystallizers were trained to design high-quality, thin stemmed, wide fanned lashes. Lash Legend is incredibly proud to release our hand-made Crystallized Fans®

  • Large ECO-friendly box to store lashes in
  • Large box contains 6 small boxes
  • Each small box contains ~ 250 fans.
  • Safest volume lashes on the market
  • Customize curl, length, and dimension with mixed variations
  • Velvet Lashes
  • Hold their curl
  • Fans stay open
  • Sit perfectly on the natural lash
  • Bases are often thinner than the natural lash
  • Designed to adhere to a variety of natural lash widths (Including below average, average and above-average lashes)
  • 8D,12D, and 16D options
  • 7-17mm lengths
  • 0.02mm diameter (FIRST EVER)
  • Dark matte black finish

How to use: 

  • Place lashes on silicone pad, lash tile or kleenex
  • Use Curved ISO Tweezer to isolate the lash
  • Use Pick-up Tweezer to hold the top of the fan
  • Dip backside of fan base into One or Only adhesive
  • Apply directly to the base of the natural lash at 0.5mm distance
  • Use the push or bounce method to ensure a secure bond
  • Be sure to apply Cure after completing our framing technique

Best paired with:

  • LL Cure
  • LL One Adhesive
  • Pick-up tweezer
  • Isolation Tweezer

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