Lash Legend is about to make your dreams become reality.

The industry is growing exponentially and the demand to keep up with clients can be challenging. As professional Lash Artists, we are determined to create products to help the lash world flourish.

The art of creating hand-made fans or crystallizing takes a lot of time - time that we don't have. But if you're a lash technician who believes in providing quality services and placing your clients lash health first, you've probably been hesitant to try volume fans you haven't crystallized.

We began crystallizing our own fans, storing them in trays, and using them during the application process. However, the only one gaining from this was our clients; shorter service times, less exposure to adhesive and fans that stayed wide open.

LL lash artists were spending a significant amount of time prepping through crystallization - and then again the same amount of time applying lashes.

How could this benefit us?

We were faced with a problem, and like any problem, we needed to solve it. With that, we trained professionals how to crystallize fans using LL product line.

We decided we would be nothing but legendary.