CureMR (Nano Mister)

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Is your lash room on the dryer side? Do you have lash extension clients with sensitive eyes? This is your solution! We love to use our CureMR every 20 minutes on those dry days to cure our adhesive and keep our clients' retention as long as possible!


  • Twist the top to open 
  • Fill transparent part of device with room temperature water
  • Hold CureMR so only the tail of the mist is in contact with the lashes 
  • Mist for about 10 seconds, sweeping back and forth between eyes

(If water droplets appear then you’re holding the mister to close to the lash line or holding it to long in one position)



  • Reusable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Convenient   
  • Comes in your choice of white or pink 
  • Good for dry areas
  • Brings moisture into lashes to help the adhesive bond faster   
  • Regulates humidity 



  • One & Only adhesives
  • Cure
  • Lash Legend Lashes