What is a Client Intake Form and Why do you Need One?

You will have a variety of clients with different expectations. It's important to let your client know the condition of their natural lashes.  Some clients have long lashes, while others are short. Some are thick while others are brittle. Not every client can safely rock the Kim K look, and they will need to know why. Always take a picture of your clients natural lashes before you get started. Talk to them about what you notice about their natural lashes. You are the specialist so make sure you keep them informed. Never give someone lashes if it means compromising the integrity of the natural lash.

Some clients will not listen to the advice you give and will request longer or thicker lashes over and over again. This is your reputation so don't mess it up! Make a habit of completing a client intake form each time you provide a service to a new client and even recurring clients. It’s a great idea for you to also include what products you’ve used, what specifications, the environmental conditions like temperature, and any other relevant info - like allergies, etc.

The Lash Legend® Client Intake Chart can be purchased through our online store.