What Factors Affect Adhesive?


  • Must be thrown out after 1 month of being opened. The cyanoacrylate adhesive ages faster with air introduction and expires, preventing it from securely bonding to the lash. Also, higher concentrations of formaldehyde are released after 1 month, which can irritate both your client’s eyes and the lash artist’s health. 


  • Unopened - store at room temperature. 
  • Opened - must be kept upright at room temperature and out of sunlight. 


  • Take refrigerated glue out 24hrs beforehand to allow adhesive to warm up to room temperature. 

Drying Time 

  • Make sure you take into consideration the drying time of the adhesive. 
  • Be sure the adhesive is not drying before it is applied to the natural lash. 
  • Very dependent on humidity levels. 

Lash Legend Glue Rule

  • Must change glue every 10-20 mins (new glue drop from bottle - not new bottle) 
  • 10 mins in very humid conditions and 20 mins for normal conditions 
  • When humidity is low (dry winter months) mist lashes lightly with Cure Mister every 15-20 minutes 
  • When the humidity is high, wait until the end to mist 
  • Re-check tape and lash isolation 



  • Salt and cyanoacrylate are not friends! 
  • Dries out lashes and makes them feel dry and brittle; this can make the synthetic lash pop off. 
  • Salt is in tears, saline eye drops, sweat, salt water 
  • Cleanse lashes with lash cleanser if lashes come in contact with salt