The chemistry behind lashing

The lash world involves many liquid products that aid in bonding and debonding. But what does chemistry have to do with the lash industry? EVERYTHING!

Without knowledge of the chemicals we are using, how could we determine the interactions between them? How could we figure out why retention was poor, or what products create the strongest bond? Without an understanding of chemistry we would fail as lash artists.

Chemistry is the study of matter, it’s properties, substances and their reactions. The understanding of chemical reactions allows us to create new cosmetic products, more specifically liquid products used during eyelash extension procedures. The products we use today have a wider range of synthetic substances then 30 years ago, and the lash industry is still fairly new. It can be a challenge trying to figure out a product or product line that works best for you, given all the choices we currently have.

What exactly does that mean? Let’s review two important definitions:

  1. A chemical bondis a lasting attraction between atoms, ions or molecules that enables the formation of chemicalcompounds. The bondmay result from the electrostatic force of attraction between oppositely charged ions as in ionic bondsor through the sharing of electrons as in covalent bonds.

  2. In chemistry, debondingis a term used to describe a decomposition or dissolution reaction or that in which an atom, molecule, or species detaches from a host or surface.


Eyelash extensions are extremely thin fibres of PBT material that are applied to the natural lashes. Without an adhesive, lashes would not stay on the natural lash - hence bonding. The market ranges from really strong and powerful adhesives such as our One & Only Adhesives, to poor quality adhesives that hardly last a day. Long lasting retention is the key to your success.

Our state of the art lash lab provides quality products and adhere to Canadian regulations, as well as EU cosmetic regulation. For anyone unfamiliar with cosmetic application and regulations surrounding it, the European Union sets the benchmark for cosmetic regulations. Lash Legend strives to provide lash artists with the most up to date information and innovative products.

You’ve probably heard about the relationship between humidity and retention. IF you haven’t, it's time to inform you. When working with cyanoacrylate adhesives the humidity is critical to creating bonds. When applying eyelash extensions, the environment that surrounds you will have a tremendous impact on your results. When it comes to the lash industry your temperature and humidity levels are EVERYTHING. That being said - get yourself a hygrometer.

The strength of your artistry is only as strong as the bond in your adhesive. 

One & Only will give your clients the best retention on the market  - Step up your game and order yours today.