Be Nothing But Legendary

Well Ladies (and Gents),

Welcome to 2020, where the lash industry begins to truly recognize that time doesn’t wait for anyone. The world is changing and growing at an exponential rate and now we are in sink or swim mode. It’s an obvious fact that clients want quality service at a competitive rate but aside from that, they want quick services with the same high quality lashes.

There’s a ton of controversy surrounding the use of pre-made fans and no one really knows what’s acceptable or not. I guess it has to do with the failure to regulate the industry here in Canada. However, those lash artists trained in creating their own fans are usually advised not to use pre-made lashes, pro-made lashes, or pre-fanned. Whatever you call them, professional lash artists are supposed to create their own fans by hand - or so we are told.

A full set can sometimes take 3-4 hours depending on what you are trying to accomplish. We’ve spent hours concentrating on the thinnest lashes, leaning over with immense back pain, and then of course those headaches we are all too familiar with. Is this necessary? Is this even profitable? Are we jeopardizing our own health? What are we doing?

We began providing lash services by crystallizing our fans prior to application, and not only was this time consuming but it also seemed like we should be paid a substantial amount of money to spend 1-2 hours crystallizing and the same amount of time applying those fans. Who was winning? It certainly wasn’t us. We were overworked and underpaid. Trained to only use our own fans we were at a stand still. What if we could train fan makers how to crystallize using our technique & then store them for future use? And then we did exactly that. We taught others how to crystallize fans through our technique where fan bases were extremely thin, with wide beautiful fans. This cut down on cost and time for lash artists. Also created new jobs. It was a win! win!

Now, hold up a minute, because we struggled with the thought of using handmade fans that weren’t ours. The whole wrapping technique is incredible. It’s perfect. However, we weighed out the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that crystallized fans are the future.

Be nothing but legendary! XO,
LL Team