Pricing Guidelines - How do I Determine my Prices as a Lash Artist?

One of the most beautiful things about Lash Legend® is the ability to transform our novice, or inexperienced students into Hollywood Lash Artists in no time. If you can apply Classic lashes, you can certainly apply Crystallized Fans®. Crystallized Fans® may cost a little more, but you'll create stunning full sets of volume lashes in the same amount of time as Classic lashes. Isn’t that exciting!

You should give yourself 2-3 hours per client for a full set and start with a base fee.

For example, You charged $80 for a set of Classic Lashes which takes you 2 hours. Crystallized fans® cost you more money (but save you valuable time), so you set your base price at $80 an hour then add an extra $30 to cover the cost of your products. This is what we recommend charging starting off for a Classic Lash application.

Cost Formula:  Hourly Rate + Product Cost

Factors to consider:

What education, training or qualifications do you have?

If you have prior training you will want to take that into consideration. If this course isn’t your first course, include the cost of the education and training you previously accomplished. If you are a nurse or a teacher and you are doing lashes for a side hustle, include that. The more knowledge and experience you can bring to the table the more you can up your price. 

Social media presence.

Do you have many followers, do you want more followers? IF you are posting your work and being interactive and have an audience who is interested and finds your work skilled then increase your prices. 

Working from home versus working from a salon.

When you have overheard to pay you need to adjust your prices to reflect that. Owning a salon, paying rent in a salon, all add to the cost to run the business and if you do not take all those expenses into consideration you could have yourself working for less than minimum wage. Do your math!

Research the going rates near you.

If you have competition all around you, you’re going to want to see what they are charging. You can charge less starting off to try to build up your name and clientele. Slowly adjust your prices as the demand for your services increases.