Pre-made, Pro-made, Clusters and Hand-made Fans!


This is one of the most controversial topics for lash artists. Is there really a difference between making your own fans vs using pre-made fans?

We get asked this question all the time. Here’s the difference:

  1. Clusters are those yucky lashes that have big roots and should never be used on natural lashes with professional adhesive. Big no no. I remember being 16, sitting in my bathroom sink putting those gross things on my lashes - of course and on my friend.. bit I’ve learned the difference now as a professional. 

  2. Pre-made fans (factory made usually heat bonded) came into play years back because no one could use the clusters because of the root and damage. Some lash techs started using them because they didn’t look as bad. But they are still damaging. They do not wrap the natural lash and have the tendency to pop off and also stick to the corresponding lashes.

  3. Pro-made is a recent term that was intended for professional lash artists who make their fans and store them ahead of time using a crystallizing technique. However, some lash companies who are selling factory made lashes are calling the fans pro-made. Pro-made is wrong but  because the heat bonding process is safer and the stem isn’t as thick they want to believe it is safe.

    And then we evolved….. 

Crystallized Fans® are made by professionally trained lash makers who make a fan, dip the stem into the adhesive and swipe off excess adhesive so there is no extra weight added. It simply bonds them so your fans don’t close and you can save time during the actual application process!   Our bases have been dipped in Only adhesive which is hypoallergenic and no extra weight! You should check out our 8D or 12D Crystallized Fans - you’ll love them!

Lash Legend® Crystallized Fans® are a dream come true for professional lash artists!

Be nothing nothing but legendary...