Our top 5 tips for keeping happy clients

Are your skills, education, and work enough to keep clients? It's a HUGE part but is only one factor in their overall experience. There are a lot of great lash artists out there now... so besides creating flawless lash sets - what else can you do for your clients to truly stand out from the rest?

1. PERSONALITY - Your client is giving up part of their day to come hang out with you!! They must really like you. So listen to what they have to say, be informative, greet them with a smile and always be positive.

2. BE INFORMATIVE - Let your client in on what benefits them, always explain in detail proper aftercare - but hey they human/ they will forget.. so aftercare cards are a great idea!! Tell them the diameter, curl, style, and lash material you are using on them.. also why you suggest this lash mapping.

3. MAKE THEM COMFORTABLE - Ask them how their eyes are or if there's anything you can do to make them more comfortable. Clients love fuzzy blankets and slippers! Set the mood - some clients want to chat and others want to sleep. Some like top hits and others like spa music. Knowing how to read your client is imperative to your success.

4. BE ACCOMMODATING - Book some buffer time in between appointments in case if they need to get up to use the washroom or they have an emergency call. Also, some clients have anxiety about having their lashes done in a large room with other people. Offer them a private setting when possible. If someone has fluttery eyes, you should be patient. A little tip is to tape your client's eyelids down to help minimize movement.

5. UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WANT - Some clients know what they want and others do not.. yet the hardest clients to understand are those who THINK they know what they want! Most clients don't know the difference between Full, Volume and Mega Volume Lashes. This is why it's important to take the time to discuss their options and use pictures for reference.  

6. BE RESPECTFUL - Leave your opinions aside, everyone has them. This is their time. Also, be polite and put your phone away!! P.s. Nobody wants you on your phone while you're doing lashes, yuck - so unsanitary.

Those are just some tips on how to make your clients feel special. What suggestions do you have? Email info@lashlegend.ca​, we'd love to hear from you.