Lashes- SAY WHAT!

LASHES - Say what!

Lashes are made from synthetic fibers called PBT. 

 Eyelash extensions used to be very hard and thick, packaged in a box, not placed on a lash trays. Lash artists would take a handful of loose classic lashes and try to make a fan in their hands. Lash artists would take 2 0.10 individual round lashes and place them in their hand to try to fan them.

Doesn’t that sound difficult? Well it is. 

Fast Forward to 2020 and lashes are packaged perfectly in lash trays, on sticky tape, numbered, consistent and so convenient. 

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, direction, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. They can help correct lashes that are misdirected and provide a treatment for individuals whose natural lashes are not as great as they would like.

The extensions may be made from synthetic material such as cashmere, silk, velvet, faux mink, and authentic mink lashes.

Individual eyelash extensions are applied using the method of dipping the base of the synthetic lash into a small amount of adhesive, and applying it to the natural lash using a tweezer.

The lashes are placed directly on the natural lash with base-to-base security at least 0.05mm from the eyelid.