HOW TO - Workspace Setup

How you set up your workspace may be different from the way we do it. We try our best to make the environment as comfortable as we can for us and our clients. The very first thing we need to touch on is YOUR comfort. If you are not comfortable, your work performance will be poor, your client will feel your energy, and there is a good chance the client may not come back. So, before doing anything at all, adjust yourself.

  • Ensure sure your seat is the right height, your neck and back are comfortable and supported, and your butt won't ache the entire time. Make sure you have space to move around freely and you’re not crowded in a small space that makes you nervous to move around. Dress professionally but still be comfortable - there is nothing worse than sitting with jeans on and having to do a 3 hour set of lashes. Ensure the bed is the right height from the floor and your knees are not hitting off of it. Your table should be in arms reach, and your lash storage supplies close by.
  • Stretch! For goodness sakes make sure you stretch, you can find great workout routines online that you should follow to keep your body in tip top shape. From stretching to eating and drinking plenty of fluid - you need to take care yourself. 
  • Keep your products upright and away from your client, in case he or she moves.
  • You must be sure to properly sanitize your work space before and after each client service is provided. This includes equipment, tools, and your hands. We do not recommend using linens for comfort if you cannot clean them after each client. You could always purchase one time-use linens or wash them after each client. Use a high level disinfectant to clean off your bed, table and surrounding work space area. Be sure to check the information provided on the back of the cleaner to make sure it is suitable for the materials in your work space.
  • Disinfect your tools (tweezers) by cleaning them with hot water and dish soap, then placing them in a high level hydrogen peroxide for the required amount of time. Keep in mind that all tools must be completely submerged in the solution. Always rinse.
  • Always discard disposable items like flock applicators or lash wands, etc. Place it in a garbage can and ensure the garbage has a cover over it.
  • Check the expiration dates on all cleaning products
  • You should also keep a Material Safety Data Sheet for each liquid product used in your studio. In the event there is a spill or an accident occurs, you can access the MSDS to determine what you should do.
  • Extra cleaning, like door knobs, should be done periodically to help minimize the spread of germs
  • If you are feeling sick you should not lash your clients and vice versa
  • The use of masks is a great way to prevent droplets from sneezing or coughing from reaching your client. They also help with bad breath. Remember there are so many masks out there and they all provide different protective properties so read the instructions. If you are concerned about particulate matter, such as dust, influenza, carbon black, etc you are best to buy a carbon filter mask that minimizes PM 2.5 from entering our respiratory system. However, with proper ventilation this may not be a necessary step - but we can never be too careful. The disposable masks are great for clients who have a cold or sore throat and are at risk for contaminating the air or surfaces. Always ask your client to put on a mask if they are at risk for spreading yucky germs. Keep in mind when you wear your disposable mask it isn’t to protect you, it's to protect your client.
  • In the event you are concerned with formaldehyde concentrations in your adhesive, you will need a respirator to adequately protect yourself, which is not necessary. If you are wondering about formaldehyde you need to be careful with the adhesive you purchase. Only buy from reputable companies that take safety seriously. Follow instructions like throwing away adhesive after 6 months of being stored in the fridge, or 3 months after being opened, etc. The company producing the adhesive should also have a MSDS for the adhesive and any liquid products they are making.