How to apply Crystallized Fans®

People always ask us how to apply Crystallized Fans®. Here are detailed instructions. 
1. Remove the crystallized fans from the tray or box by picking them up from the stem. Remember these are delicate lashes so be careful not to grab them too hard or by the open fan.
2. Place the lashes on the glass tile, the eye pads, the head wrap, a napkin, or whatever tool you want to work with. This will take you time to figure out a good system.
3. Isolate the natural lash, swipe the stem of the fan in the bubble to gather adhesive on one side. This depends on where you are placing the fan. If you are applying the fan under the natural lash you will need to swipe the adhesive on that area.
What does that mean exactly?
If you are applying lashes to the bottom of the natural lash it can be hard to get the adhesive on the top of the stem because of the curl. You can use an adhesive that does not contain PMMA (like only) and swipe the excess off the bottom of the natural lash. However, using adhesives that contain PMMA should contact the natural lash and not have excess removed. You can use your tweezers to dip the side stem into the adhesive and then place under the natural lash. If you are applying to the top of the natural lash you will need to swipe the adhesive on the bottom of the stem.
You got this! Happy lashing friends 😍