How do you feel about lashing?

I personally love lashing. No, I am not just saying this so I can get bonus points on my lash certification (even though that would be great LOL). I am saying it because it is relaxing helping women and men feel more confident about their appearance. There is so much controversy within the beauty industry regarding body image which has ultimately lead to many people, mainly young, feeling insecure or not beautiful enough for society. Lash extensions help boost the confidence of many and even help cut their makeup routines in half. I enjoy lashing so greatly because I feel that I am making a difference and helping my client feel more confident and happier with their appearance. Lashing is also therapeutic for me because I like getting to know and meet new people eventually creating bonds with them. Overall, I absolutely love lashing and I will never give it up for the world because me it makes feel good knowing that I am helping someone else become happy.

Lash Legend® graduate