Errors in Fan Making

If you are on a mission to learn how to make your own fans it can be challenging. Here are some things that could go wrong and how to fix them! 
  • Are your bases collapsing? Keeping the base of your fan together is probably the most frustrating part of learning crystallizing technique. You can use the crystallizing crown to help prevent this from happening. After dipping the base of the fan into the adhesive, use the grooves along the edge of the crown to remove excess adhesive and bond the base of the fan together.

  • Are you picking up too many lashes or not enough? If you find yourself picking up too many lashes at a time, use your tweezer to toss the extra ones either before you fan out the lashes or before pulling the fan off the strip. You may lose lashes by not gripping hard enough on your tweezer or by not using the sweet spot of your tweezer to pick up the lashes.

  • Are your fans closing? There are a couple of different reasons that could cause fans to close. Try holding your fan open with your tweezers for an extra second before letting go. Make sure you are not using too much adhesive. If you dip the fan too far into the adhesive, it will travel up the stem of the fan, causing it to close.

  • Are the fans sticking to the crystallizing sheets? Make sure you remove as much adhesive as possible before laying on the crystallizing sheet.

  • Are you having trouble picking up fans from your storage container? Always pick them up by the pointy stem (about 1/3) from the base. Use two tweezers to separate fans. It is always good practice to lay fans out on a tissue or tray before you begin the application.

  • Drying is taking too long? Check your humidity and temperature before you begin. This should be monitored the entire time.

Hope this helps! You can always try out our Crystallized Fans! 

Love Team LL