Tips for Crystallized FansⓇ

Tips for Crystallized FansⓇ 
There are so many product options for Lash Artists. Some professionals choose to use individual lashes to create fans, others choose fans that are made before application and sometimes Lash Artists use both.
At Lash Legend we offer two options for our customers. Crystallized FansⓇ are relatively new to the market and we are often asked how they are different from premade fans.
Crystallized FansⓇ are made by trained and qualified professionals that undergo a crystallizing technique. The fans are made using very thin diameter lashes, slightly dipped in an adhesive and swiped off so no residual adhesive remains. They are safe to use on the natural lash and do not create extra weight. In fact, we prefer Crystallized FansⓇ over Classic Lashes because the fans create a bridging system.
Here are some of the best tips for using our Crystallized FansⓇ
1. Save yourself time by taking the Crystallized FansⓇ off the strip or out of the box before your client arrives. You can place them on a tile next to your work station. When lifting them off the tray be sure to grab from the base and not the wide fan. 
  1. Tape up. Always tape up so you can get all those baby lashes to make the set appear fuller. The more you can separate the lashes the easier it will be to isolate.
  2. Go from eye to eye or when doing one eye don’t smother one area. Take the time to go from left to right and all over. This will help prevent lashes from sticking together. YUCK! 
  1. Tape back the eyelids so you can get as close to the root as possible. Using tape can really help, especially if the skin loses elasticity - this is common with age.
  1. Rather than applying the fan to the top of the lash you should apply it underneath for better retention. 
  1. Once you place the lash you should grip the natural lash and fan with the tweezer to allow a stronger connection. *squeeze* 
  1. Use a super bonder like CURE to increase longevity of the lashes, even for those tough clients. 
  1. Spend more time on your inside and outside corners because they are what really makes a huge difference in the outcome. 
Xx Lash Legend Team