Classic & Hybrid & Volume

Our Classic + Crystallized (Promade) course includes detailed information on how to provide clients with legendary lashes regardless of the style you choose. The course focuses on the fundamentals of applying, removing and filling eyelashes. 


This is when you use 1:1 ratio for applying individual eyelash extensions. You can purchase lashes as flat/eclipse or round. At LL we prefer flat lashes because the adhesive covers more surface area. Classic lashing is where you learn the necessary skills to apply lashes safely while creating beautiful results. This style offers a subtle and classy look. It helps your clients lashes appear longer, darker and curlier. 


Classic and volume combined is in high demand. This is often called the transition stage for clients who wish to go from classic to volume. However, many clients continue with hybrid because it gives a little more than classic but not as much as volume, so it’s the perfect balance. This ratio uses 1:1 for classic and 1:1 for volume. Does that sound confusing? Let us clarify: Every second lash is lashed with classic and the other with volume lashes. You can use volume or crystallized fans for this. 

It’s 2020 ladies! Many clients feel like they want more and more and more fullness and we can’t blame them. Volume is no longer the future of lashing, it is currently in demand- right here, right now.
You have a variety of options for volume lashes which include: Individual volume lashes, pre-made, clusters, pomade or crystallized fans. Taking the time to learn how to make your own fans is sometimes impossible to do. We often run out of time during our appointments or may even run into issues during the service. No one ever wants to feel rushed. Volume lashes 
create darker, longer, denser, fuller lashes and as long as you know and use the application process properly your clients will be blown away by the retention. 

We offer the two safest volume options on our website:
1. Make your fans using our Individual Velvet Lashes
2. Save time and use our thin based Crystallized (Pro-made) lashes.

What style is your favourite? Let us know why? What about the pros and cons of both?