Aftercare - Why is it SO Important?


Importance of aftercare: 

  • Aftercare is extremely important; it is something that all lash artists need to make sure their clients understand. 
  • Many lash artists fail to do so. 
  • Cleaning your lashes is imperative to your lash health because so much dirt and buildup can stick to your lashes giving bacteria and other microbes a place to grow. 
  • If clients do not clean their lashes, they will notice their retention is not where it should be. 

The effects if not cleaned: 

  • Clients can experience infestations (mites) if not cleaned properly. 
  • Signs of mites: Dry flakey skin, itchiness in the eyelashes, and burning sensation of the eyes. 




Lash Legend Aftercare Instructions 

  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours after the application (Although we cure the adhesive during and after the application process, the lashes are still vulnerable during this time; therefore, we recommend giving your lashes a 24 hour waiting period. 
  • Do not expose your eyelashes to extreme heat, including hot tubs, saunas, tanning beds, lash curlers, candles, etc. This can weaken the cyanoacrylate bond and cause your eyelashes to fall out prematurely. When cyanoacrylate degrades, small concentrations of formaldehyde (CH20) can be released causing redness, rash, itching, swelling and sensitivities that may result in an allergic reaction. 
  • Do not wear strip lashes while wearing eyelash extensions. Strip adhesive can easily stick to your eyelash extensions and cause damage to your natural lashes. We cannot fill lashes that have strip adhesive attached. Regardless of how good you clean them, in most cases strip adhesive residue will remain. 
  • Do not use oil-based products around your eyes. Oil can cause issues with retention. If you have oily skin, we recommend using oil-free wipes and cleaning daily with a lash extension-safe cleanser. 
  • Pay attention to any skin or eye irritation that may develop hours, days, or weeks afterward. If you have an adverse immune response, seek medical attention and have your eyelashes removed professionally. 
  • If you have volume lashes, it is important that you pat your lashes dry after the shower to ensure the fans do not close. Steam, hot water, and temperature changes may cause the adhesive to degrade causing the fans to close. 
  • Be conscientious while sleeping. If you sleep on your face, or one side of your face, you may lose eyelash extensions faster than normal. To prevent this from occurring, you should wear a concave sleep mask. 
  • Avoid wearing mascara. If mascara is needed, ensure it is oil-free and safe for synthetic lash application. Be aware that mascara may cause synthetic lashes to fall out prematurely. 
  • You will lose your synthetic lashes as your natural lashes fall out during their lash cycle. Retention varies on an individual basis given the fact there are so many variables to consider. On average, most people go 3 weeks before needing a fill. If you have more than half your lashes gone, you will require an extended fill; less than half, a touch up. We charge according to time and product. If you are uncertain, always book extra time. 
  • Most importantly, you need to wash your lashes on a regular basis to prevent microbes from causing an infection and to keep your natural lashes healthy. Using a lash cleanser that helps prevent infections from occurring while maintaining the health of your natural lashes is mandatory. If you do not invest the time into your eyelash maintenance, we cannot provide eyelash extension services to you.